Back up ==>

You’ve spent more time thinking about this than you would like to admit. Whenever you do stop thinking about it and fall asleep, you dream about it. Despite all this useless brooding, you’re still not sure you know what the hell is going on.

>Cue flashback without the rippling edges like in your movies. You still can’t get your memories to do that.

The day it happened had probably been the coolest day of your life. You had finally met up with your best friend. The coolest person you knew on the internet and now the coolest person you knew in real life.

Man, this guy is cool. There’s really no other word for him and you don’t even mind how many times you have to repeat that adjective in one sitting just to describe him.

>Game start

Your name is JOHN EGBERT and it has been exactly ONE MONTH TO THE DAY since your 16th BIRTHDAY. You are an avid collector of REALLY SHITTY MOVIES and have a mildly unhealthy obsession with actor NICOLAS CAGE. You enjoy PLAYING GAMES on your computer, sleeping on BEDS and living a somewhat boring but comfortable routine of SCHOOL and HOME.

Of course, you didn’t really know you liked those last two things so much until ALIENS invaded and you had to sleep on the GROUND at night and spend the majority of the daytime walking through rubble and debris.

>Wait, what.

Maybe you should explain.